As a united family of companies, Venturi Supply specializes in providing mission-critical pipe, valve and fittings solutions, as well as value-added services, across the Industrial & Commercial, Energy & Infrastructure and Fire Protection & Life Safety segments. Together, we amplify the flow of your business, fueling success at every turn.


Brand Pillars


Together, the brands in the Venturi Supply family bring a spirit of integrated leadership. Our foundation was built on local and regional independent companies that provide a personal, flexible alternative to multi-national suppliers. We love a tough challenge and apply our expertise to help your business. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and remain nimble so we can quickly respond to your specific needs.


Our companies are among the most respected distributors of pipes, valves, fittings, specialty products and services for the Commercial/Industrial, Fire Protection and Energy industries. Together, they represent 160 years of unparalleled service and mission-critical solutions. It’s why our customers place their trust in our proven capabilities and our power to amplify their success.


At Venturi Supply, we make connections. Our specialized companies each bring a unique focus and personalized approach to every solution. Our collaborative approach accelerates your operation as we connect with you on a deeper level to understand your needs. Then we harness the power of our brands, services and team, working together to deliver on your exact requirements and keep your projects and your business flowing.


Venturi Supply is the one source for all your pipes, valves, fittings, specialty products and value-added services. Our family of companies and brands is a dynamic force, offering an expansive inventory and a team of dedicated professionals that assist you before, during and long after the sale. We take pride in being our customers’ go-to provider.


Whether your challenge is big or small, we have the flexibility to deliver precise, best-in-class solutions, now. We have a large geographical footprint, providing a comprehensive local, regional and national service network. Working as a team, we harness our diverse talents to continually improve our operations and provide greater efficiency to better serve you.

Core Values &


The Venturi Effect: Purpose-Driven Decision-Making that Drives Operational Excellence

Venturi Supply leads with service offerings and technical expertise. We invest in our people, technology and data systems, working together to drive accountability, transparency and performance. At Venturi, we relentlessly prioritize capital efficiency and cash return on assets for our partner brands.

We wake up every day believing we need to be consciously competent to exceed your expectations and the expectations of our team. It’s in our DNA to serve our customers.