BPS Supply Group
Since 1968, BPS Supply Group has distributed pipe, valves and fittings. BPS products and custom solutions connect infrastructure & industries to the resources they depend on. Eighteen strategically placed locations serve a variety of markets including: oil, energy, pharmaceuticals, food processing, agriculture, pulp, paper and construction.

Producers Supply Company (PSC)
Since 1991, Producers Supply Company has inventoried a vast product offering that caters to the downstream, midstream and upstream markets of the energy industry. PSC has in-depth knowledge of various oilfield applications that allows them to provide the highest standard of customer service. Producers Supply Company is a true supplier partner aiming to be your one-stop-shop.

Since 1979, Ameripipe has focused on delivering the highest level of service and a vast inventory for a wide range of industries. Ameripipe serves the mechanical, industrial and fire protection industries through a network of manufacturers. Material and fabrication services are available nationwide from centrally located warehouses.

Tri Star Industrial
Since 1994, Tri Star Industrial has been a preferred supplier of industrial pipe, valves and fittings for the mining, mechanical, utility & construction industries in the Southwest. Tri Star has earned a reputation for rapid responses, high-quality service with short lead times and the ability to offer customers a sales team with decades of industry experience.

Industrial & Construction Enterprises
Since 1992, Industrial & Construction Enterprises has been committed to fulfilling their customer’s requirements by providing superior customer service, on-time delivery and verified order accuracy. ICE serves an expansive list of industries including – Chemical, Food Processing, General Manufacturing, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Pulp & Paper, Steel Manufacturing & the Textile Industry.

Albuquerque & El Paso Pipe & Pump Supply
Since 1991, Albuquerque & El Paso Pipe & Pump Supply has been a distributor of pipe, valves, fittings and pumps all while being committed to providing you with the best price, quality and service. With a commitment to excellence, AEPP offers a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers across various industries in the Lone Star State & New Mexico.