Our actuator solutions provide the motive force required to operate a valve at any point in your flow system. Depending on the actuator design and the valve it operates, it can be used for both on/off and throttling applications.

Actuator Solutions and More: Valves, Steam Products, Instrumentation and Beyond

  • Scotch Yoke Actuators
    • Available as double-acting or spring return, our Scotch Yoke actuators are commonly used for valve actuation in the oil, gas and energy industries.
  • Rack and Pinion Actuators
    • Our rack and pinion actuators can be spring-return or double-acting with removable end caps and are widely used in various industries for fluid flow, pressure and process control.
  • Additional Actuator Solutions
    • Electric
    • Diaphragm
    • Vane
    • Cylinder
  • Actuator Control
    • Solenoids: Precise and automated control of a valve’s position within a flow system.
    • Limit Switches: Accurate control and monitoring of a valve’s position.
    • Positioners: Complete and responsive control of flow rates, pressures or levels.
  • Steam Solutions and Specialty Valves
    • Steam Products
        • Steam Traps and Surveys
        • Steam Quality Surveys
        • Regulators
        • Condensate Recovery
        • Strainers


    • Pressure Relief Valves
    • Regulator Valves
    • Control Valves
    • Knife Gate Valves
    • Diaphragm Valves
  • Instrumentation
    • Flow Measurements
    • Level Measurements
    • Pressure Measurements
    • Temperature Measurements
    • Analytical Devices
    • Gauges


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