Venturi Supply Acquires Maryland-Based Industrial Distributor Monumental Supply Company


May 2, 2024:

Venturi Supply Acquires Maryland-Based Industrial Distributor Monumental Supply Company, redefining the landscape of industrial supply distribution in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The distribution and supply of industrial goods are crucial for society’s development and are an integral part of progress. Today, Venturi Supply has announced their acquisition of Baltimore-based Monumental Supply Company, a leading distributor of pipe, valves, fittings, and supplies since the 1950s. This acquisition will integrate Monumental Supply into the Venturi Supply family of businesses, which supports a range of industries and applications across the country, including energy, infrastructure, industrial manufacturing, food and beverage processing, construction, mechanical, and fire protection systems.

“We are thrilled to welcome Monumental Supply into the Venturi Supply family. With their extensive experience in industrial distribution, they bring a growing customer base and a wealth of industry knowledge to our team, strengthening our presence on the East Coast,” said Michael DiMino, Chief Executive Officer, Venturi Supply. “Their specialization in elevator supplies and equipment perfectly complements our existing portfolio, opening new avenues for innovation and service excellence across our companies. Together, we will continue to prioritize providing top-quality products and solutions empowered by the support and resources of the entire Venturi platform. This acquisition is not just a growth strategy; it’s a bold move forward to provide our customers with unparalleled offerings and service.”

As a part of the Venturi Supply platform, Monumental Supply will continue to surpass quality, reliability, and customer service benchmarks while expanding their service offerings. They have earned their reputation as a trusted partner for industries that demand premium-grade industrial supplies, and their extensive inventory caters to their customers’ diverse project requirements. Additionally, Monumental Supply is deeply committed to its community and takes pride in its role as a responsible corporate citizen, actively participating in initiatives that promote economic growth and community development across the mid-Atlantic region.

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